Enabling risk free car sharing.

We see car sharing as a big business potential for car owners, but it also brings big risks.

Unfamiliar drivers and unpredictable driving make the impact of car sharing unknown to the owners. We make the tools to measure this impact, and provide confidence to car owners who share. Our software helps car owners monitor driving behavior and provide timely analysis of vehicle health and value.

Who We Are

We are an 8 person team, and we are committed to help you manage your fleet effectively. These superheroes will help you better communicate your needs to us.



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We analyse vehicle’s health, translate that info for valuable insights, and help maximize the lifetime value of your connected cars with our effective solution.

Remote Diagnostics

Know your vehicle's health real time. Is a component of your vehicle malfunctioning? Get alerts at the tips of your finger.

Driver Relationship

Chart the performance of each driver in your company. Build trusting relationships with your drivers with accurate reports.

Risk Assessment

Assess the risk of your vehicle and your drivers. Our solution analyses raw data to measure the risks involved and adds value to the user experience.

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